Representative Set of Workshops


Anthem Associate On-Boarding Refresh

Just a few months after I started working at Anthem, I was inspired to improve the Consumer Experience (CX) new associate on-boarding experience. I discovered that our team’s on-boarding process wasn’t as smooth as it could be, which created a degree of anxiety and frustration for new team members specifically within the first 30 days.

After several internal team interviews and some external research, I pitched the project idea to the VP of CX. Without hesitation, I was given the green light to move forward with the Anthem CX Associate On-Boarding Refresh. The first area of focus for the refresh was a quick win. How might we improve the welcome experience after an associate has accepted a position?

I single-handedly planned and facilitated a quick workshop with CX associates to redesign our welcome package. A few weeks later, we had developed a prototype for a mailer, booklet and welcome box that we were able to test with several new CX associates in the Spring of 2017.


Medicaid Member Community Presence

The Anthem Consumer Experience (CX) was approached by the Medicaid segment to help with ramping up consumer engagement in Maryland, New York and New Jersey. 

Through internal interviews, we discovered there was a big draw for Medicaid members around community events hosted or co-sponsored by health insurance plans—specifically in these cities. 

Our team (of four) prepared for several weeks leading up to the workshop and landed on the design challenge: How might we re-imagine the community event presence?

In addition to creating personas, current state journey maps, presentation materials and supporting the creation of the agenda, I co-facilitated with three other team members at a 2-day workshop with nine internal associates. At the end of the two days, we had several innovative ideas that included an event app as well as physical space improvements. The app was tested with Medicaid members just one week after the workshop.


Day of Innovation: Workshop in a Box

The VP of Consumer Experience (CX) was asked to speak at the 2017 Indianapolis Day of Innovation specifically around planning for workshops. 

I collaborated with her on the topics she covered which were: 

  • How to run an effective innovation workshop with your team 
  • How far in advance should you plan your workshop 
  • Resources you will need

In addition, I created helpful templates, budget recommendations, location considerations, energizers and a giveaway (mini-prototyping tools, locations map, and method cards to fully round out the session.