"Neelum is one of the hardest workers I know and will go above and beyond for her coworkers."

"Neelum summed up in one word: memorable. Her work ethic, desire to help others, and mastery of her craft is like none other. She is one of the hardest workers I know and will go above and beyond for her coworkers. During our time together at Optim, I learned more about the marketing/design world than I ever thought possible simply because she took the time to train and encourage me. I am grateful to have had the chance to get to know her both professionally and personally."
– Sarah Dixon • Independent Distributor at SeneGence International

"I had the opportunity of reporting to a manager who also happened to be a great mentor. Neelum and I worked together for almost 2 years at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where she was the Senior Art Director. She played a major role when it came to streamlining processes and workflow. Her ability to juggle multiple projects always made a huge difference in the productivity of our team. Neelum is a talented, hard-working colleague that would be a great asset for any company."
– Rosa Triolo • Associate Art Director at Savannah College of Art and Design

"Neelum is the rare marketer with great natural instincts, a real mind for business and she's a true creative - a talented and conceptual designer. She's as smart as she is masterful with relationships, and she's a true pleasure to be around. Anyone who knows her knows exactly what I'm talking about."
– Tarik Sedky • President and Founder at Pure (Advertising)

"Neelum is one of my all time favorite marketing people who I've had the pleasure of working with! She's not only an outstanding designer (with no attitude) who meets all deadlines, Neelum is also super smart and connects the dots between business goals, strategic marketing, social media, paid advertising and PR. Plus, she's a great person and fun to work with!"
– Marco Greenberg • President at Thunder 11 (Marketing, PR and Social Media)

"Neelum is an extremely talented designer. She is focused, hard working, engaged and has an excellent work product. Neelum is respected by her peers and is a great mentor for less experienced designers. She is eager to learn new skills to stay current. I very much enjoyed working with her. I knew when she was on the project that she would ensure meaningful results."
– Kari Herrin SCAD Consultant for Creative Direction (Events, Marketing Strategy)

"Neelum is a collaborative force who can skillfully see projects from concept to final execution, as well as a great personality that ensures a outstanding working relationship on all professional levels."
– Joshua Kopeika • Associate Creative Director at Standard Time

"I've actually had the good fortune of working with Neelum twice—first when she was advertising art director at The South magazine, and second as graphic designer at BFG. Both were a total pleasure. 

First of all, her work is exceptional, and never failed to please clients at both companies. But perhaps even more notable is her absolutely delightful presence; she exudes calm, good humor and positivity throughout every project, and remains in utter control every step of the way. She is truly one of the most organized, dedicated and talented designers I've encountered. Every company needs a person like this on its side. Keeping my fingers crossed I have a third opportunity to work with Neelum in the future."
– Carrie Rodgers • Senior Copywriter at The Integer Group

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Neelum and while I truly miss having her on our team I whole-heartedly support her decision to further her education and advance her career. As a lead member of the art department team, Neelum was incredibly organized, extremely responsive and exceeded expectations on all counts. She not only delivered on task, but continuously brought fresh ideas and thinking to the table. If given the opportunity, I would be thrilled to have the chance to work with Neelum again. She's not only dedicated to her creative work, but also a team player and solid leader on all counts!"
– Andrea Ferre • VP Operations & Marketing at Shore Line Designs, Inc.

“I originally met Neelum when she was featured in a fashion spread in South magazine. Soon after, we had a position open and was blessed to have Neelum join our team and she quickly structured and organized the Advertising Design division of South magazine. She took a division that was struggling to get ahead and turned it into a tightly organized group that was proactive with deadlines. Her work was always on time and her design skills are top notch. Neelum was a positive contribution to the workplace in all capacities and I would definitely rehire her again, if the opportunity presented itself again. She would make an outstanding contribution to any team and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.”
Michael Brooks • Publisher/Owner at South Magazine

"It is a true testament to Neelum that now, several years after having enjoyed the privilege of working with her, she still comes to my mind first when I think of my favorite people to work with. Neelum brings a refined, adventurous, fun, adaptable, team-minded and artistic spirit to everything she does. She carries a confidence and strength in her work that is rare and unique, and she has a way of helping others open up to new ideas with subtlety, kindness and respect. Her artistic creativity is fresh, clean and always moving forward. It has that indescribable secret ingredient that is instantly recognizable and exciting. I hope to have the chance to work with Neelum again in the future, and would recommend her for any project"
– India Powell • Writer, Editor